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About Boost Multi-index Containers

I really like Qt Template Library (QTL), but still have lack of some important functionality which is usually called multi-index. Anyway there is very powerful implementation existing in Boost. I really need these templates to establish relations between different data structures. I often use it as internal “engine” for different Proxy models that I use […]
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Ru: Archive: O Boost Multi-index Containers

Хочу представить или даже напомнить о таком замечательном модуле Boost как multi_index_container. Все мы знаем и интенсивно пользуем стандартные STL классы для хранения и доступа к данным как списки, векторы, мапы?, хеши. Про них сказано уже немало и исследованы все особенности их применений. Всё усложняется когда возникает необходимость в классе для хранения и доступа к […]
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Porting Inferno OS to Raspberry Pi

We started a small and exciting project just for fun as “Porting Inferno OS to Raspberry Pi”. Of course we would like to run it there as native, not hosted. It was always declared that this OS is very simple for porting to new platforms, so let’s just research this and reach new distilled experiences […]
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Inferno OS

We are planning some posts about Inferno operating system. Stay tuned!
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People who are using Trac and have a need of possibility binding it with Perforce repository can find that appropriate plugin is dead and no support is possible. So I would like to do some refresh – I was able to do some fixing and made these plugins available for use with Trac 1.0 for […]
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Designing Undo for large-scale projects. Going deep.

That is huge architect-level article about designing undo in large-scale project, welcome under more label…
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Stack vs Heap, Pimpl, performance

This post is mostly about C++ but because it involves practices often used with Qt programming too, I tagged it with Qt. Also should be interesting for C++ gurus ;) So, you know that Qt uses Pimpl (Private Implementation or Opaque pointer) which is very effective mechanism to keep binary compatibility between Qt versions. I […]
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Jongling Qt models 2, Composition Gem

We are back to models again :). In Qt you may find a lot of flexibilities for Model-View programming. Especially due to proxies to do filtering, sorting or even rearranging data (see Jongling Qt models) to be organized in any way that is good for you. You can have one data source model which you […]
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Submiting a Qt App to Mac App Store

Maybe you already thought about creation a Qt application for Mac App Store or submitting an existing one. While I am on vacations I made a probe of such possibility – you may know that Apple and Nokia developing now different ecosystems of languages/libraries and you may expect to have troubles of bypassing Qt application […]
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Ru: Archive: Qt приложения в Mac App Store

Возможно многие уже задавались вопросом о возможности создания Qt приложения для Mac App Store или отправке уже существующего. Я давно хотел провести пробу этой возможности – как известно Apple и Nokia развивают сейчас разные экосистемы языков/библиотек и можно ожидать много подводных камней связанных с пропуском Qt приложения. Тем не менее это оказалось не так сложно […]
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Ru: Archive: QtSpeech, доступ к text-to-speech

Хочу представить небольшой но удобный модуль для кросс-платформенного использования TTS(text-to-speech). На данный момент поддерживаются основные платформы: * Windows, используя SAPI, * Unixes, используя Festival проект, * MacOSX, используя SpeechSynthesis Так как для Windows и Mac используются родныe API то все голосовые движки установленные в систему будут автоматически вам доступны. Для Unix всё не так радужно, […]
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Ru: Archive: Создание Qt+PySide гибридных приложений

Возможно вы знаете про PySide, python биндинги к Qt. Также существует PyQt библиотека которая предоставляет аналогичную функциональность но к сожалению ограничена GPL или коммерческой версией. PySide распространяется под LGPL лицензией что даёт удобную возможность пользовать в коммерческих приложениях. Python даёт возможность очень быстрого создания рабочих приложений и PySide как раз предоставляет такую возможность для Qt […]
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QtSpeech, say “Hello World!”

I am glad to announce new small project that got first release – QtSpeech. This is library providing Qt-like interface to system TTS (text-to-speech) engines to allow your application to say “Hello World!”.
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SuperHybrids part 2, now Qt + PySide

I would like to return to a topic that I opened few months ago – about creation of “hybrid” applications consisting of one part of c++ code and another part is python based, plus both part access each other with Qt-like Api, so they understand QString, etc and can exchange qt signals between those two […]
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Jongling Qt models

When you work intensively with data in your application then soon or not but you will realize that the best way of keeping them is some model object inherits from QAbstractItemModel, then data are hidden inside implementation of model. Adding, removing and modification are accessible through your API of the model class and it calls […]
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Undo in complex Qt projects

UPDATE: You may consider studying more advanced techniques described in second “undo” article: Designing Undo for large-scale projects. Going deep. ~~~~~ When you implement user interfaces, you should always be ready that your customers will ask very simple question: “Hey, where is undo in my application?”. Sometimes it makes developers totally puzzled :) because they […]
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Qt Python SuperHybrids

You may know about PyQt – python bindings to Qt frameworks. They are great and allow to prototype gui Qt based code in very fast way. To my mind you can develop faster in 1.5-2 times comparing to same development cycle with Qt. Well, development is little different – you do not have compilation stage, […]
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Encode BuildId or Version into Application

There is very convenient way to encode identification of builds into applications. Then, for instance, you can show in about dialog something like: Version 20100609. Here is snippet of code:
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Mac: mini font

On Mac you can often see the usage of two system fonts in applications. Second one “Mini” is convenient to use when you would like to have a lot of “mini” controls – mostly you can get it by applying Qt::WA_MacMiniSize. Well then the font is coming from mac style, but what if the font […]
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