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Jongling models beetween threads

We know that in Qt the models are not thread-safe – they totally depend on your implementation. So what we may do to bypass model between threads? Guess that we have some models which implementation we can not adjust much or can not make thread-safe. Danger is that if some model is used somewhere (pointer […]
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About Boost Multi-index Containers

I really like Qt Template Library (QTL), but still have lack of some important functionality which is usually called multi-index. Anyway there is very powerful implementation existing in Boost. I really need these templates to establish relations between different data structures. I often use it as internal “engine” for different Proxy models that I use […]
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Ru: Archive: O Boost Multi-index Containers

Хочу представить или даже напомнить о таком замечательном модуле Boost как multi_index_container. Все мы знаем и интенсивно пользуем стандартные STL классы для хранения и доступа к данным как списки, векторы, мапы?, хеши. Про них сказано уже немало и исследованы все особенности их применений. Всё усложняется когда возникает необходимость в классе для хранения и доступа к […]
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