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Show in Finder / Show in Explorer

It happens often when for integration purposes or for making easy way to navigate to files you need to have such action “Show in Finder” on mac or “Show in Explorer” on windows. Well, the code is pretty simple:
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Styling Lists on Mac

Here is QTreeView on Mac that I usually use for lists in my applications. Actually it is designed to be in Mac style, but still it is different and you feel that it is not good and looks like alien in Mac. Let’s do something with style sheets:
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Continue Preferences Window

Let’s continue our previous blog post regarding preferences window. Of course it looks great and native look-and-feel on Mac, but what about having styles for both platforms to make user feel comfortably. I tried to apply Firefox-like style of preferences window, you can see screenshot above. Code:
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Preferences Window

How to implement Preferences Window in Qt that look and feel like pure Mac application? Well, first problem is, that it should be window instead of dialog, even QMainWindow to have unifiedTitleAndToolBarOnMac property (allowed only for QMainWindow now). So let’s define and implement it as QMainWindow. Problem #2: We have empty menu bar when activates […]
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Lists and Top Right corner

QListView Mac If you have lists or tables in your application you can see that Qt widgets have scroll bar for full height of widget instead of only viewport area. What to do to make it looks like native mac widget? It is easy. Remember that QAbstractScrollArea has method: addScrollBarWidget()
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List Headers in Mac style

Using QListView or QTableView you can see that style is not what you can expect on Mac platform. As solution you can use next qstylesheet code to apply to your widgets:
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