Inferno-rpi-0.4 release

Releasing Inferno-rpi-0.4

* Significant performance improvement due to fixed error in process scheduling/idle
* Boot time is about ONE second :)


1. Download latest zip package from
2. Pepare SD card with first DOS partition with size less than 250 MB (vfat32 support is not complete)
3. Unzip all files to SD (boot.scr, kernel.bin, … – should in root of SD)
4. Boot Raspberry Pi
5. By default it starts “`styxlisten -A tcp!*!564 export /“`, so you can mount it on other host by “`mount -A tcp!!564 /n/remote/rpi“` (-A means no auth, IP is for example, see what it got by DHCP)
6. If you do not want GUI (wm/wm) to be started just edit config.txt and replace kernel.bin to kernel-nogui.bin

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