Mac: mini font

On Mac you can often see the usage of two system fonts in applications. Second one “Mini” is convenient to use when you would like to have a lot of “mini” controls – mostly you can get it by applying Qt::WA_MacMiniSize. Well then the font is coming from mac style, but what if the font is needed as QFont object?

#ifdef Q_WS_MAC
    #include <Carbon/Carbon.h>
    //need a method from qglobal.cpp
    extern QString qt_mac_from_pascal_string(const Str255);


QFont systemMiniFont()
#ifdef Q_WS_MAC
    Str255 f_name;
    SInt16 f_size;
    Style f_style;    
    static const ScriptCode Script = smRoman;
    GetThemeFont(kThemeSmallSystemFont, Script, 
                 f_name, &f_size, &f_style);
    QFont font(qt_mac_from_pascal_string(f_name), f_size, 
               (f_style & ::bold) ? QFont::Bold : QFont::Normal,
               (bool)(f_style & ::italic));
    return font;
    return qApp->font();
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