Porting Inferno OS to Raspberry Pi

We started a small and exciting project just for fun as “Porting Inferno OS to Raspberry Pi”. Of course we would like to run it there as native, not hosted. It was always declared that this OS is very simple for porting to new platforms, so let’s just research this and reach new distilled experiences of system programming. Also this OS is very small, simple and easy to tweak for research purposes.

We decided to organize it as some set of small labs with very detailed steps of what is done to reach results and make everything easy to reproduce. Meet Lab 1 in next post.

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  1. Feinfinger
    Posted June 22, 2020 at 00:38 | Permalink

    This series is a very interesting read!

    …and looking at the ESP32s I’m asked myself already for a long time, why devices with more uuumh than an IBM AT/03 don’t have a self hosting OS.
    Dual core, 32 bit, up to 8½ MB RAM, ½M internal, the rest is cached SPI PSRAM.
    Do you think Inferno could fit these?
    Unluckily these are no ARM chips, so some compilers would need a new backend, or as a start the hosted version might run atop FreeRTOS until native backends are available.
    Pipe dreams?

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